i-lanza’s development has been built on a vision of the world as a market target. Our international projects cover the 80% of our billing.

The future of i-lanza Corporate Group is driven towards a market expansion in the Middle East area, considering that the industrial development of the countries and its climatic conditions make a suitable business environment for i-lanza and its expertise. For this matter, i-lanza established Alico, with headquarters in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, for operating in the whole GCC area.

In other emerging spots, such as Peru, Colombia, Chile or Bolivia, i-lanza began its market entry strategy over the last year. As an example, there are countries, such as Bolivia, which have begun its industrialisation process and where, due to bilateral treaties, business can be developed. The climatic conditions of these countries make i-lanza a perfect partner for any project.

Regarding the European market, and prior to the Brexit scenario, i-lanza set up a company in the United Kingdom, with the aim of executing projects and generating business on an ongoing basis in such a unique market.

i-lanza obras

i-lanza was born and raised preserving the values of its founder. These values are the foundation of i-lanza’s solid associations with clients, suppliers, and collaborators.

Such values are underlain in the quality, the services and the cooperation that i-lanza has with all natural persons and legal entities which shape i-lanza’s business environment. Everything begins with the wellbeing of i-lanza’s own employees that makes an impact in clients and suppliers, making trust the most important underlying principle in all the projects carried by i-lanza, converting the company and its environment in a huge family and allowing us to talk about partners and not simply clients or suppliers.

Throughout these values, i-lanza has exhibited the quality and the values of “Marca España” around all the countries in which it has delivered projects, enrichening the abroad perception of our country. Furthermore, i-lanza is always keen on establishing new strong and long-lasting bonds with local companies in those countries where projects are delivered, proving the best of our globalised world.

Recently, i-lanza has taken over the company Ainco with the aim of being self-sufficient in respect of the goods manufacturing, organically securing its final goods by taking advantage of the subsidiaries of the Corporate Group, such as the already mentioned Ainco or i-lanza Dutch Group.

As simple as it is, i-lanza encompasses projects in 5 continents and knows no borders. In a short-term future, i-lanza aims for an increase of its international presence, taking its know-how to peak levels.