As part of our social commitment, i-lanza Corporate Group cooperates and has launched several actions in different spheres of our community, collaborating with different associations within the environment of Gijon and Asturias, by sponsoring diverse sport activities and local festivals in support of our environment.

Within our daily goals, one of our main priorities is to operate as a useful entity for the society through the creation and training of human talent, the cooperation in the country’s technological and economic development, among other goals.

We have established a partnership with the University of Oviedo, with the aim of integrating graduates into the labour market, allowing them to develop themselves in our company with an industrial national and international perspective.


Hermanos Castro Foundation is a non-profit organization which acts as repository of the values and the legacy of its founder, Enrique de Castro González ‘Quini’. The Foundation mainly acts in Asturias, but without ignoring caring projects with a national or international scope.


The University of Oviedo Foundation offers its services to your company or institution in order to strengthen your human capital. Throughout the ‘Suma Talento’ Programme, you can bring in people with the adequate knowledge and skills with the additional advantage of allowing them to develop within your company’s culture. At the end of the training period, you might hire them.


I-lanza has collaborated with the professional football club Sporting de Gijón for a long time.


In the current society, football clubs and footballers are seen as references and their actions and decisions have a huge impact.


The ‘Fundación Museo Evaristo Valle’ was established by the testamentary will of María Rodríguez del Valle, niece of the painter Evaristo Valle, deceased in Madrid on May 20th, 1981. On the 28th of December of the same year, the ‘Protectorado de Fundaciones del Ministerio de Cultura’ recognised, qualified and registered the Foundation with the number 84, as a cultural beneficial private foundation, “BOE 01/02/82”, being its aims “To exhibit, maintain and conserve the pictorial work of Evaristo Valle and, in general, to promote all cultural activities related to art and, in particular, to the work of such an eminent painter”. The Foundation has its headquarters in the estate known as La Redonda – the residence of the founder from 1914 until her death – located in Somió, Gijón, where its activities are carried out.


The ‘Confederación Asturiana de la Construcción” is the main business associations of the construction sector in Asturias. Its activity is focused in the whole area of Asturias and the number of associates is currently above 400 companies.


We have collaborated with them in several occasions for international commerce matters. ASTUREX ‘Sociedad de Promoción Exterior Principado de Asturias, S.A.’ has the following aim:

  • Streghten and increase the number of exporting companies, with special focus on SMEs.
  • Promote the collaboration between companies for their internationalisation.
  • Increase the exporting of sectors and/or goods.


ATECYR is the ‘Asociación Técnica Española de Climatización y Refirgeración’ was founded in 1974 and its aim is to respond to the technicians’ needs in the HVAC sector through the exchange of experience and knowledge in an independent and non-profitable way. It works as a meeting point for opinions and intellectual concerns for offering sustainable solutions to society.


The ‘Club Asturiano de Calidad’ represents Asturias in the ‘Club Excelencia de Gestión’ national partner of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). It also represents Asturias in the ‘Asociación Nacional de Centro de Excelencia’. I-lanza is an active member of such organisation