Proyecto industrial EPC

HVAC projects

The acronym HVAC is being increasingly used in the air conditioning sector.

The meaning of HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning services. If the aim is to achieve the best HVAC conditions, which is comfort, then we must think about improving the heating, cooling and ventilation of the spaces.

We work with the highest standards of quality and the best assembly procedures to provide solutions to our customers.

Being a worldwide leader in the HVAC sector is based on the great inner capacity of i-lanza’s own technical office which enables the development and execution of these large projects. We have already conducted work in this sector in 6 continents and 25 countries, in all types of EPC plants: solar thermal plants, petrochemical plants, combined cycle plants, etc.

i-lanza develops HVAC projects specially adapted to each different region of the world, even in extreme outdoor conditions ranging from 55ºC to -50ºC.

For us each project is unique and special. Each area is previously analysed in detail to provide the state-of-the-art techniques to obtain the highest quality standards.

Our projects are very diverse, from ventilation in the underground, to solar plants, biomass plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, etc. When we undertake projects in different areas of the world, we try to create and establish long-term relationships with local companies in every one of the countries where we deliver the project, proving that i-Lanza is a Global company.