Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

i-lanza develops EPC Fire Fighting projects for all types of industrial facilities, even in areas of special risk.

We work with the international standards of both local and national regulations (NFPA, UL, FM, NF, API).

Our certification and high experience in the execution of Fire Fighting installations in different countries leads to the corresponding local certification (HCIS).

In i-lanza we assess our client individually in order to develop a custom-made project in accordance with the current standards.

In this process i-lanza applies all its know-how, deploys specialised engineers, and implements solutions such as the BIM system, ensuring total quality and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

Customer service

i-lanza not only provides service during project execution, but we also offer our customers SAT technical support for maintenance tasks. We also have highly trained experts to carry out all regulatory inspections and the necessary corrective and preventive actions, as well as a 24-hour problem-solving service.

Active protection

  • Calculation, supply, installation and programming of Fire / CO / Gas Detection and Alarm systems.
  • Fire hydrants (BIE) and foam fire hydrants.
  • Hydrants and monitor hydrants.
  • Dry Column.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Automatic fire extinguishing (gas based, sprinklers, water spray, water mist, foam, cookers, etc).
  • Calculation, installation and supply of fire-fighting water supply networks (aerial, underground).
  • Calculation, Installation and Supply of Pressure Groups and Pump Rooms.
  • Transformers.
  • Material conveyor belts.

Passive protection

  • Fire dampers.
  • Structural fireproofing.
  • Sectorisation.
  • Fire dampers for HVAC systems.
  • Signposting of fire protection elements, escape routes and security.