Ingeniero proyecto EPC

Each project is a unique challenge to develop our know-how, blending the experience of our staff with constant innovation and the highest quality. In i-lanza we have all the necessary departments to develop a full project within our company, with departments such as Technical Office, Engineering, Production, Electrical Workshops and Mechanical Workshops where we always perform with utmost efficiency and quality all the steps of the EPC project.

For i-lanza each project is unique, and our aim is to provide the client with a global solution. We assist our client from the first moment, we follow them, and we make a complete analysis of the project in all aspects, from the preliminary phase of study up to the execution phase, including the production phase, sticking ourselves to each stage of the project, delivering the highest quality outcome.

Our Headquarters are in Asturias (Spain) but our projects have no borders.

We have had projects in 6 continents and in more than 40 countries, making us an international leader in HVAC and Fire Fighting EPC projects.


i-lanza competes by providing solutions to projects for execution, taking advantage of its know-how, with the HR and financial capacity to execute large installations in a reduced span of time

Engineering and manufacturing with BIM system

i-lanza provides EPC solutions implemented with BIM design system.

This system enables us to optimise each project from the beginning to its delivery, considering the specific characteristics of each area and its requirements. We work in all kinds of climates, from desert areas, such as Kuwait, up to really cold areas, such as Finland.

All our experience and these assorted solutions provide us with a set of key information to save time and money for the client while guaranteeing the highest level of safety, quality, and efficiency

Commissioning and comprehensive maintenance

i-lanza not only carries out all type of HVAC & Fire Fighting installations, but we have internally developed what we define as Comprehensive Building Maintenance: carrying out all the services that the building may need such as electrical system breakdowns, civil works, plumbing, repairs, or refurbishment. Our idea is to provide a global service to the client. We have contracts with large companies, operators, banks, and public institutions where we provide this service globally.