Proyecto HVAC Finlandia

Technical Data

Client: Técnicas Reunidas

Location: Kilpilahti, Finland

Project: HVAC EPC

Year: 2017-2019

Descripción del proyecto

Turnkey HVAC project for Kilpilahti New Power Plant in Porvoo, Finland. Developed in outdoor cold conditions down to -26ºC. It includes heating installations by means of a hot water circuit obtained by means of a 700 kW steam-hot water exchanger, heating installations by means of 500 kW resistances, cooling installations by means of a 200 kW water-air chiller, air-conditioning installations with 160 kW VRV.

In addition, external air supplies with chemical filtration, ventilation for heat dissipation and ventilation for smoke extraction were installed. i-lanza made the electrical distribution panels with 4A configuration and the control panels of the installation, by means of PLC Siemens S7 with bus interconnection between the different elements of the installation.