Obra Glovo HVAC

Technical Data

Client: Tetris

Location: Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

Project: HVAC, FF and Plumbing installations

Surface area: 6000 m2

Year: 2019

Project Description

The project comprised the development and implementation of:


EPC of the HVAC package for the conferences area, canteen and call centre on the ground floor of the new Glovo offices in Barcelona, based on the district cooling provided by the client.

Installation of the water piping network for HVAC of the rooms, air ducts and thermal equipment.

Installation of fire protection equipment throughout the building (layout of the existing installation on the upper floors and study and installation of the complete system on the ground floor).

Installation of additional plumbing services on all floors of the building.

In the Fire Fighting and anti-fire measures area, the following work was carried out:

On the upper floors (1 to 4):

Re-planning of existing detection system and installation of new additional units to bring the installation in line with regulatory requirements for office areas.

Re-colocation of BIEs, adjusting them to the new office design.

Installation of fire extinguishers in accordance with regulatory requirements for office areas.

On ground floor:

Design and installation of detection systems.

Installation of BIEs.

Installation of water piping.

Installation of fire extinguishers and signals according to regulatory requirements for office areas.