Proyecto Dupont FF i-lanza

Technical Data

Client: Dupont

Location: Covera, Avilés, Spain

Project: Aspiration Detection System, Analogue Detection and Bies Network

Surface Area: 2643.41 m2

Project Description

The project develops the refurbishment of the old ASALTA building for administrative use of CORTEVA within the Dupont Asturias factory. Our scope was an EPC project for the fire protection system which included a Siemens fire detection system with detectors, pushbuttons, sirens and an aspiration detection system in false ceilings, as well as a sound system adapted for fire protection to complete the installation; It also included an active protection system based on fire hydrants equipped throughout the building as well as the connection and pressure regulating valves of the existing power supplies; all of the above complemented with manual extinguishing means and signalling as well as the dismantling of previously existing FE-13 gas rooms that can no longer be used. A complex, meticulous work carried out in record time by I-Lanza personnel.