Sistema de climatización y ventilación

Technical Data

Client: ENCE Energía & Celulosa

Location: Navia, Asturias, Spain

Project: HVAC system

Year: 2019-2020

Project Description

Engineering, supply and installation of the HVAC system for the new pulp drying plant (SECAPASTAS) included

the NAVIA+80 project. In this project, 4 electrical rooms were climatised by means of air-water equipment to combat thermal loads of up to 150 kW. A ventilation system was created for the entire building, from the engineering phase to the subsequent assembly on site, providing the necessary technical solutions to guarantee the maximum useful life of the equipment installed in this new plant. This installation has ventilation and air extraction equipment of up to 30,000 m3/h and air treatment units with water vapour coils of up to 70,000 m3/h flow rate. The air conditioning and ventilation of the control rooms for the plant’s technicians was also carried out, ensuring the air quality and temperature necessary for the work to be carried out with the required level of comfort and safety.