i-lanza is a corporate business group which has subsidiary companies around the world, conferring it a significant international projection, maintaining its national market share.

Our subsidiary companies (i-lanza Qatar, Arabian i-lanza, Ecosen, Aquatermia and Ainco), as well as our own workshops, allow us to successfully face national and international projects which require the manufacturing of piping, ventilation ducts, thermal insulation, electrical cabinets, BMS control systems, scaffolding, construction, and refurbishment adapted to the specific needs of each client.


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Alico logo


Alico is a company constituted between Al-Muruj Group and i-lanza for developing high quality projects within the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council) which has headquarters in Jeddah, Dubai, and Oman.

More than a hundred HVAC & FF EPC projects in 50 countries and 6 continents illustrate our highest commitment towards quality, innovation, and safety. This is the reason why lots of companies across the world trust Alico with their most ambitious projects in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, etc.

Alico makes a difference designing, developing, and executing HVAC and FF EPC projects within the Middle East due to the high-quality design, engineering and implementation methods, delivering the best quality outcomes in the custom-made EPC projects to our clients.

Due to our experience, our expertise, and our know-how we have developed large industrial projects all over the world, standing out from our competitors in HVAC & FF EPC Projects.

All projects are unique, Alico develops HVAC and FF EPC projects adapting to the extremely high climate conditions of this area, in which the extreme heat conditions might reach 55ºC. For us, each project is unique and special and, therefore, each area is previously analysed to develop and provide the state-of-the-art technical solutions for obtaining the highest quality standards.

Dossier Alico (PDF)

i-lanza Qatar Group


i-lanza Qatar is a subsidiary company established in Doha. It was established following the execution of the refrigeration of the underground tunnels project (2016-2019) with the aim of strengthen i-lanza Corporate Group’s presence in the country after acquiring knowledge of the local market and the Qatari entrepreneurial ecosystem.

i-lanza Qatar’s focal point will be taking part in the industrial projects planned for the next decade as part of the development plan Qatar National Vision 2030, which intended purpose is to promote the country’s human, social, economic and environmental development and in which the industrial growth plays a main role for the future interests of the country.

For that matter, Qatar is developing several significant projects in the industrial sector, such as electricity generating power plants, renewable energies, substations, desalinating plants and refineries, etc. which are the kind of projects in which i-lanza has proven experience and expertise.

Therefore, i-lanza expects to contribute to the accomplishment of the Qatar 2030 goals, providing a reliable and high-quality service to our clients.

Aquatermia logo

Aquatermia Integral refurbishments

Aquatermia is a company with extensive experience in integral refurbishments and HVAC installations. Aquatermia has proven experience in all kind of installations of heating boilers, heaters, stoves, pellets heating systems, air conditioning systems, amongst other works, such as masonry works, carpentry works, electricity works, plumbing works, painting works and tiling works.

It was taken over by i-lanza in 2016, year in which the Fire Fighting Department was also created.

Aquatermia’s personnel has proven experience in executing works and installations which include integral refurbishments of stores and homes, kitchens, parket floors, painting, carpentry, electricity, and plumbing.

We have more than 15 years of experience at your disposal for achieving the integral refurbishment you desire.

Portal web de Aquatermia: http://aquatermia.com

Ainco logo

Ainco Ventilation and insulation

Ainco Ventilación y Aislamiento se adquiere en el 2018. Es una empresa con más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector de la Ventilación y Aislamiento y empresa de referencia en Asturias.

Ainco está especializada en la fabricación y montaje de conductos metálicos, unidades de ventilación, silenciadores, cabinas acústicas y demás accesorios para la ventilación. Fundada en 1985, ofrecemos nuestra experiencia y calidad en proyectos de instalación de ventilación forzada o natural, de captación o barrido y climatización.

Dossier Ainco (PDF)

Ecosen logo

Ecosen climatización industrial

In 2019, i-lanza took over Ecosen, a company established in Senegal and specialised in HVAC, industrial cooling and fire fighting protection. Ecosen has a wide presence in countries such as Cote d’Ivoire or Gambia, allowing us to enter the West Africa market.

Ecosen was set up in 2012 seeking to satisfy the HVAC and industrial cooling clients’ needs. Our clients are part of companies which demand a high-quality service, and we pursue swift and effective solutions with a complete final and economic assurance.

i-lanza Corporate Group’s experience is used for providing solutions for:

  • Studies, supply, assembly and commissioning of all kinds of HVAC and industrial cooling installations.
  • Maintenance of HVAC and industrial cooling systems.
  • Studies, supply, assembly and commissioning of all kinds of Fire Fighting installations.

Dossier Ecosen (PDF)