Management policy

The CEO, as the person responsible for the proper management of the company I-LANZA, dedicated to the provision of “engineering, supplies, installation and maintenance of air conditioning, electrical and fire-fighting systems” assumes the commitment to improve the company’s Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management in accordance with the following standards, UNE-EN-ISO 9001 (2015), UNE-EN-ISO 14001 (2015) and OHSAS 18001 (2007), and to maintain and improve the efficiency of the said management system. This will result in a high-quality supply system, customer satisfaction, the protection of the environment, the health & safety of workers, and continuous improvement. The CEO wishes to achieve practical goals such as:

  • Commercial Expansion.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • High-quality product and installation work.
  • The correct management of any waste generated.
  • The reasonable consumption of resources.
  • Preserve the Health & Safety of workers.

This policy is appropriate for the purpose and context of the organisation and is in line with I-Lanza’s strategic management plan.

With this in view, the CEO understands the need to undertake the following actions:

  • He undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements (Legal, Regulatory, Customer, System, and other requirements) and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Management System.
  • Define, develop, disseminate, and implement a Management, Procedure and Rules Manual that will ensure, at all levels of the organisation, that all activities are performed in accordance with the applicable requirements and in line with the guidelines established by I-LANZA.
  • Designate a Management Representative (Management Supervisor) with the capacity and authority to plan, monitor and update the Management System.
  • Allocate the necessary resources (infrastructure and human resources) to undertake the processes in an appropriate manner, complying with the requirements set out in the Management System; and train all employees to comply with applicable requirements.
  • Direct management toward continuous improvement.
  • Protect the environment, prevent pollution, and direct efforts to the search for a greater environmental compatibility of the materials used.
  • Prevent any injuries and deterioration of the health of workers, improve H&S management and the implementation of H&S.
  • Prevent any unsafe actions, the consequences of which may affect the health of workers.
  • Encourage the participation of workers with a view to improving health & safety in the workplace.
  • Communicate, make available, and raise awareness of the contents of this policy to workers and to any other stakeholders in any way connected with I-LANZA or who work on its behalf.
  • Obtain the commitment of subcontractors to comply with the requirements governing quality, environmental, and health & safety management in the measure they are involved.